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Collaboration and Data Usage Agreement BGI Bird Phylogenomic Project

Until newly assembled sequences have met a set of quality evaluation criteria, preliminary sequencing data from the BGI Bird Phylogenomic Project is initially available to only collaborators of the project. (To aid in this process please contact the email addresses of the project leaders below to join the consortium.) Once this process is complete or nine months after the data’s production, whichever is sooner, the data will be made publicly available under the terms of the Fort Lauderdale agreement (see: http://www.genome.gov/10506537).
The consortium recognizes the need for researchers to be appropriately credited for their scientific contribution and investment in data generation. It is therefore expected that all researchers both honor agreements in line with Fort Lauderdale's data sharing principles and appropriately acknowledge the contributions of others. All sequence data are made available before scientific publication with the understanding that the groups involved in generating the data intend to publish the initial large-scale analyses aimed at resolving the phylogeny of the birds.

We encourage use of this preliminary information for smaller-scale studies. However, we request that you not publish whole genome scale or phylogenetic overviews of all of these species prior to the publication of the final phylogenomic and sequence analysis paper. Contact us at any of the email addresses below to discuss a waiver of this request, which could involve simple acknowledgement, co-authorship, etc.

Appendix – Contact Details of Coordinators

Dr Guojie Zhang
Comparative Genomic Division
Scientific Department
Beishan Industrial Zoon
Shenzhen 518083
+86 134 2288 3247

Dr M Thomas P Gilbert
Centre for GeoGenetics
Natural History Museum of Denmark
University of Copenhagen
Øter Voldgade 5-7
1350 Copenhagen
+45 51 89 13 30

Dr Erich Jarvis
Department of Neurobiology, Box 3209
Duke University Medical Center
North Carolina 27710
+1 919 681-1680
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