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The hierarchical arrangement of this phylogeny provides a comparative and predictive framework for all fundamental and applied biology. Our understanding of the Tree of Life has advanced rapidly over the past decade fuelled by enormous progress in the fields of genomics and information technology.

Although well studied, the evolutionary relationships among major avian groups are contentious.The very nature of the evolutionary history of organisms and the limitations of current phylogenetic reconstruction methods mean that parts of the tree of life might prove difficult, if not impossible, to resolve with confidence.Phylogenomics is useful for resolving difficult phylogenies and for verifying or overturning relationships created on the basis of single genes.

To do phylogenomics analysis of birds, the genomes presented here were sequenced, de novo assembled and annotated for functional elements. These genomes will be helpful to construct the evolutionary history of birds, which has the potential to provide answers to several outstanding fundamental evolutionary questions.

Note: This website is no longer maintained. Please visit the new website of this project http://avian.genomics.cn/en/ for more details.


Tinamus major changed to Tinamus guttatus and Chlamydotis undulata changed to Chlamydotis macqueenii.
Bacterial homologous sequences were filtered from genome and gene set in 7 Sept,2011.
RepeatMasker output and intron sequences were released for each species in 7 Sept,2011.
Repeat information was released in 26 Aug,2011.
Ortholog gene set was released in 24 Aug,2011.
Cuculus canorus and Tinamus major were released in 20 Aug,2011.
Gallus gallus , Taeniopygia guttata and Meleagris gallopavo were released in 15 Aug,2011.
Charadrius vociferus was released in 11 Aug,2011.
Calypte anna , Geospiza fortis , Manacus vitellinus , Ophisthocomus hoazin and Picoides pubescens were released in 5 Aug,2011.
The gene set of 2 high depth birds were updated in 5 Aug,2011.
Cathartes aura was released in 4 Aug,2011.
The gene set of 21 low depth birds were updated in 4 Aug,2011.
Melopsittacus undulatus , Caprimugus Carolinensis , Haliaeetus albicilla and Leptosomus discolor were released in 29 Jul,2011.
Egretta garzetta was released in 12 Jul,2011.
The gene set of Nipponia nippon and Struthio camelus were updated in 12 Jul,2011.
The gene set of 21 low depth birds were updated in 9 Jul,2011.
Chaetura pelagica,Corvus brachyrhynchos and Mesitornis unicolor were released in 28 Jun,2011.
The Arabian Bustard (Ardeotis arabs) was corrected to Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata) in 23 Jun,2011.
The Crowned Sandgrouse (Pterocles coronatus) was corrected to Yellow-thoated Sandgrouse (Pterocles guturalis) in 23 Jun,2011.
Tauraco erythrolophus and Struthio camelus were released in 20 Jun, 2011.
Anas platyrhynchos domestica was released in 17 Jun, 2011.